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Welcome to my Blender Blog where I share my projects, ideas and anything else I can think of thats worth sharing.

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It’s a work in progress. These are some projects I’m currently developing.

My Journey

Should I learn Blender? How I made my way down the rabbit hole.


The misfit files. The side affects of exploration and discovery.


Continued Blender Eduation


Finished the first Basic Bot tutorial. I’ve picked up some good practices and learned a few more tricks. Discovered some new tools and am eager to move on to the next lesson.


I finally bit the bullet and signed up for a paid course from CGBoost called Robotic Planet World. I’ve already built the first robot twice – once following and once flying solo. I’m trying to engrave these lessons into my gray matter before I animate these tin cans into life. Who knows, maybe I’ll create the next Wall-E… or at least a passable R2-D2 knockoff.

If you knew me, you’d know I’m as cheap as a dollar store umbrella. So why shell out hard-earned cash for something when YouTube’s ocean of free content is just a click away?  You get what you pay for. Only a third of the way through and I feel like I’ve already gotten my moneys worth. I’ve learned things that I’ve never seen demonstrated in the hundreds of hours of Blender Youtube vidoes I’ve seen. More to come.

Blender Physics Rigid Body

Blender Physics Rigid Body

Redoing an old project to gauge how far I’ve come with Blender only to realize I have a long way to go.

Add Video Screen to Blender

Add Video Screen to Blender

Another great tutorial from Ducky 3D a tutorial within a tutorial. Adding video screen to Blender.

AI Graphics

It is beyond scary how good AI is at generating art. I was amazed the first time I tried it. Though the results back then are not as good as they are now but I was completely amazed at how well it could create art with right prompt.