AI and Graphics

Working Together

The integration of AI and graphics has revolutionized the world of visual arts and technology, creating stunningly realistic images and animations with unprecedented efficiency. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, designers and artists can now automate complex tasks, allowing for more creativity and innovation. From generating lifelike textures to enabling real-time rendering, AI-driven tools are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, making the digital canvas broader and more vibrant than ever before. This synergy not only enhances user experiences but also opens up endless possibilities for future advancements in both fields.

This paragraph was written entirely by my AI Assistant invisibility.

Prompt Engineering

I try to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the AI world. In the past year, it has changed so much and so fast that when I learn one thing, it becomes obsolete quickly, replaced by something better. The only consistent aspect is prompt engineering. The better you can prompt the AI, the better and more expected results you’ll get. This field has become a cornerstone in AI interactions, emphasizing the importance of crafting precise and effective prompts to extract the full potential of these sophisticated models.

My first attempt at prompt engineer using my Character “Noodles” the more freedom I gave the AI the farther from the original it got. My goal was to get an idea for another robot model similiar to the Noodles model. AI used my original render to create it’s own take based on prompting.

The examples below were all created by AI using the same image but different prompting. I was completely shocked at how well it did. I could use any of these on a project if it required a photo of a toy robot or 

AI on the Cabin

I took the same prompting approach toward my Cabin model. In the original reference, you can see the tree poking up through the ground plane in Blender, acting as a shrub in the scene. AI had no problem taking care of that. I was blown away with the end result after adding some choice prompts. I was ready to become an architect and start designing houses.

AI tools can now perform complex tasks such as generating comprehensive architectural plans and simulating structural integrity, which traditionally require extensive human expertise. These advancements suggest a revolutionary shift in how architectural projects will be conceived and executed in the near future.

Free to Create

These images were generated completely by prompting the AI using different prompts, controlling how far the AI is allowed to go on its own. This is what AI can do in January 2023. I can’t wait to see where this goes.


Monster Truck AI

It 2024 and Adobe has added a lot of AI to their suite of programs. I tried it out in Photoshop and was very impressed with the results and how little I needed to prompt it to get the results. This is a before and after photoshop of my Monster Truck. I was again amazed at the quality of the background image it produced including the lighting and shadows.

I took it from a hardwood floor to a dynamic background in seconds. It would have taken me hours to build the background in Blender to get the same shot. The opportunites for AI are endless.

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AI has already become fundimental in my workflow. I  have an assistant designer, writer, editor and I pay it nothing, no time off and it never complains about anything. Love it.