Work in Progress

I try to challenge myelf in Blender but at the same time be realistic about how big a project my time and hardware can manage.

Lovin the Legos

I discoverd the Lego’s Bricks 3D modeling app online. You can build anything you can imagine with virtual legos at I decided to put it to the test with simple legos helicopter model. Which led to the Monster Truck model which led to the BD-1 Robot from Starwars and now I’m working on a Land Rover.

The Helicopter

This was my first Build and animation using the Bricks app then exporting from Bricks and importing it as a dae file into Blender.

In blender I changed the brick colors and added a simple animation. I really enjoyed this project which inspired me to do another model of a Monster truck.

Monster Truck

This was a fun build. Still not sure if Legos has chrome plated pieces. I’m sure they do. It’s amazing how many parts you don’t see hidden behing other parts. Let Play!.

After coloring it and adding lights in Blender I exported a png into photoshop and prompted AI to create the background. It did it on the first try I was very impressed. I should hire that guy to create all my backgrounds.

BD-1 Starwars

BD-1 one was a tough build because of the few parts that needed to rotate at odd angles. Something quirky within the Bricks app or just user error. Either way I was equipped with a new tool to play with and the model gave me the inspiration to challenge myself with even a larger model. Hence the Land Rover at over 2000 Pieces.

For now  BD-1 will remain on file until I can decide what to do with him. The Bricks app did release an update while I was playing. The rotation of parts is still tricky but they improved and fixed some of the other noticable quirks. If it could be a bit more fluid like Blender it woud be awsome awsome awsome.

Bookmark this Page for Future Project Updates

At some point my Land Rover will be finished. Animated, rendered and posted on my YouTube Channel.