It is through exploration that I continue to learn and improve my Blender skills. I travel across the YouTube channels to discover new and interesting tutorials. To boldly challenge myself and my computer to create something that no one has created before.

Geomtry Nodes

When I started training in Blender the whole Geometry node setup was scary. I avoided it like the plague. Turns out there was nothing to be afraid of. Just another part of Blender that takes time to get comfortable with.

This Geomtry node setup Is from Ducky 3D, one of my favorite tutorial artist. I was able to set this up following his non tutorial video on How I got better at Blender in 2024. Geometry nodes in Blender are amazing and one day I will I hope to create my own nodes.

This is the Geomtry Node Tree that created the illustration above.

This is the Shader for the Geometry node that created the illustration above.